Get the school forms of Concordia Lutheran School in Sturtevant, WI that offers the best private Lutheran education to equip children with the necessary skills. Our school offers a strong academic program along with Christian virtues. Children of our school grow with better knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Take a look at our mission and the various programs offered at our school.

Our Mission

Concordia Lutheran School exists for the purpose of “Bringing Christ and excellence in academics to our children for life and forever”.

The Aim Of Concordia Lutheran School Is To Assist Parents In:

  • Helping Their Children Grow In the Love and Knowledge of Christ, Their Savior
  • Giving Them a Christian Education and Training According To the Word of God, For Daily Living In Service of God and Their Neighbor
  • Further Equipping Them with the Necessary Knowledge and Skills So They May Become Useful Members of Society
  • 2019-2020 School Year Supply List
    Click here to view, download or print this year’s school supply list.
  • School Hours
    K-8th grade: 8:50 AM – 3:55 PM
  • Pre-kindergarten
    4 Year Olds
    Monday - Friday: 8:50 AM – 3:50 PM

    3 Year Olds
    Monday - Friday: 8:50 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Before Care and After Care
    Before Care and After Care is Available for All Families While School is in Session.

    Before Care
    6:45 AM - 8:45 AM

    Afternoon Care for PK3
    12 PM - 3:50 PM

    After Care
    3:50 PM - 6:15 PM
    ($3.50/hr. Billable By the Half Hour)
  • Transportation
    Children may be driven to school or take the bus service provided by Racine Unified School District. For a schedule and to sign your child up for bus service, you may contact them directly at: 262 631 7138
  • School Cancellations
    In the case of school closing due to inclement weather, we will be listed in the closings on your local networks. If Racine Unified School District has a delay, we will be closed for the full day.
  • Lunches
    The lunch menu goes home on a monthly basis and will be posted on the monthly calendar. Costs range from $2.50-$4.00 per meal. Items featured are from a variety of area vendors. You may also send a home-packed lunch if you wish.
  • Medications
    If a student needs to take any sort of medication, prescription or non-prescription, an authorization for administration needs to be completed by parents and the medicine must come to school in its original packaging.

    Parent/Guardian Medication Form
    Asthma Inhaler Form
  • Extracurriculars/Sports
    Interscholastic Sports Teams

    Children in grades 5 through 8 have an opportunity to participate on interscholastic teams that compete against similar teams from other schools in the area. These teams include basketball, cross country, and track for boys; volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and cheerleading for girls.

    An Athletic Fee of $35.00 per sport is assessed to students participating in any sport. This fee is non-refundable. There is a cap of $100.00 if 3 sports are played.

    A variety of extracurriculars are offered which vary from year to year. This year students may choose participate in:

    • Children’s Choir
    • Martial Arts Club
    • Girl Scouts
  • Philosophy
    The primary purpose for existence of Concordia Lutheran School is to have each child become totally dependent upon Jesus Christ for all their spiritual and earthly needs by:
    • Teaching the Will God has Revealed in the Bible
    • Providing Daily Christian Fellowship as One of the Most Powerful Factors in Building Character and Training for Christian Living
    • Instilling in the Hearts of Our Children a Child-Like Faith and Greater Love in the Lord Jesus Christ and Love for Other Human Beings.

    It is the aim of Concordia’s Athletic Program to facilitate these goals through sports activities. Through a student’s participation in interscholastic sports, it is hoped that the student will further develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. Students will be encouraged to be the best they can be by doing the best they can to the glory of Christ.

    It will be the role of the Athletic Director and coaches to facilitate this growth and development.

    Concordia’s interscholastic sports are designed primarily for Concordia students in grade 5-8. They provide interested students a voluntary competitive program where the athlete plays on teams which compete against teams from other schools.

  • Goals
    • To Glorify Jesus Christ in All that is Done On and Off the Playing Field
    • To Help Understand How the Use of Physical Skills Can be a Form of Worship
    • To Help the Athletes Establish a Firmer and More Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ
    • To Help the Athletes Realize the Importance of Other People in Their Lives and the Value of Working Cooperatively in a Team Effort, With Them
    • To Help the Athletes Improve Their Ability to Make Quick Decisions under Pressure
    • To Encourage the Athletes to be Free in Allowing Themselves to Experience the Emotions They Feel, Yet Not Let These Emotions Control Them or Make Them Ineffective People
    • To Improve the Athlete’s Overall Physical Condition in Order to Encourage a Lifelong Enjoyment of Sports and Recreational Activities
    • To Provide an Additional Avenue to Promote School Spirit and Unity
    • To Provide an Additional Way for Families to Meet and Socialize
    • To Develop a Greater Understanding of the Fundamentals of the Sports in Which They Participate
    • To Develop the Idea of Sportsmanship by Being a Good Loser and a Gracious Winner


    Students participating in extra-curricular activities are expected to have passing grades in all subjects and maintain a 2.00 (C-) grade point average. The grades of all students will be reviewed at the mid-term and quarter grading periods. Any student not having a 2.00 grade point average, or having any F’s on two consecutive grade sheets, will be declared ineligible

  • Communications

Support Concordia

Simple Ways to Support Concordia Lutheran School

Concordia Lutheran School relies on a multitude of support programs within the school and church for resources and funding to reduce the overall budget. Listed below are such programs which provide merchandise or dollars to our school. We encourage and appreciate your participation in the following:

  • Aluminum Can Collection
    The first week of each month student are encouraged to bring in cans that are bagged with their name and grade noted on the outside. These cans will be recycled for cash that will offset the cost of our new building addition. The class who brings in the greatest number of cans by weight each month will also receive a certificate for a free item at Fab Food.
  • Box Tops for Education
    Box Tops for Education
    Clip the pink mini-coupon label from a variety of General Mill products. Each is worth 10 cents to the school.
  • Empties4Cash
    Send to school the empty inkjet printer cartridges and we can receive money for each shipment we send.
  • Office Depot
    Office Depot

    When buying supplies just give them our school’s ID number: 70110322 and we will get 5% back on qualifying purchases.

  • PTL

    With the new school year underway, the PTL would like all of Concordia’s parents/guardians to be informed and involved in their children’s education and school! Our officers would appreciate your valuable input on functions and fundraisers that are vital to the success of our school. PTL provides many of the “extras” our children enjoy throughout the year. Come, learn, share and enjoy the fellowship.

    The PTL welcomes everyone to the meetings, but if you can’t make it, you will still know what is going on.
  • All You Ever Wanted To Know About the Parent-Teacher League (PTL) But Didn’t Have Time to Ask

    1. What is PTL?

    It is a group of parents and teachers that discuss and make decisions that concern our children’s school environment and experiences. Because you are a parent of a child attending Concordia, you are a member of this group.

    2. What does PTL do?

    Primarily PTL works on fundraising in an effort to raise money to provide opportunities for our children, such as field trips, classroom supplies, and athletic/art/technology equipment and supplies.

    3. What happens at PTL meetings?

    Teachers, board members and interested parents meet during the school year for approximately 1 hour to mainly discuss the different ways to raise money for the children, decide how those monies are spent, and field any PTL project related questions and issues.

    4. How will I know what’s going on with PTL?

    This year we’re taking a different approach on the communication process. You will be able to access PTL information on the Concordia website as well as through e-mail and your child’s ‘take home’ folder.

    5. What do you need from me as a parent?

    Fundraising Ideas! We’re hoping to add some new, different, fun and exciting fundraisers this year but we need your help. Please pass along any ideas you have – all will be considered. Comments, Concerns, Suggestions are welcome!

    6. How do I communicate with PTL?

    Contact any one of your PTL Board Members listed below or leave you information in the school office.

  • PTL Officers
    Co-Presidents: Jonathan & Terri Lisowski
    Vice President: Vacant
    Treasurer: Jennifer Agerholm
    Secretary: Melinda Kramer
    Fundraising Chairperson: Laura Sadowski
  • Volunteer Opportunities

    We thank God for all the volunteers who have so faithfully devoted their time and talents to the running of so many programs at school this year! Where would we be if it were not for you? There would be no hot lunch program, athletics, library, field trips or any of the wonderful “extras” that our children enjoy and benefit from.

    Please contact the office promptly if you are interested in volunteering.

    All volunteers are required to have a background check on file annually for each school year.

  • Church Associations
    Concordia Lutheran School is supported by two congregations: Faith Lutheran Church and Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Families which are members in good standing of one of these two congregations are considered association members and receive the association member tuition rate. For more information on these churches you are welcomed to contact a pastor directly using the information provided below.
  • Faith Lutheran Church
    Pastor: TBA (Awaiting the Lord's direction!)
    8500 Durand Avenue
    Sturtevant, Wisconsin
    Phone: 262-886-2522
    Facebook: Facebook
  • Holy Cross Lutheran Church
    Pastor: Jesse Gullion
    3350 Lathrop Avenue
    Racine, Wisconsin
    Phone: 262-554-7010
  • Tuition Payment Schedule
    We maintain transparency in our tuition payment. Take a look at our tuition payment schedule.
  • Talk to Us
    Do you want to enroll your child in a school that enables you to keep track of the ongoing events? Then Concordia Lutheran School is the right place for your children. We publish an annual school calendar and a weekly newsletter.
  • Online Application and Enrollment
    Online Application and Enrollment
    Please use this link to obtain more information about applying to Concordia and beginning the enrollment process.
  • Amazon Smile
    SHOP ON AMAZON AND SUPPORT CONCORDIA! You can support us by making your Amazon purchases on AmazonSmile. Same products, same prices, same services – but 0.5% of your purchase comes to the school. Use this link: We are listed as Racine Lutheran Inter-Parish School Assoc. That’s us!!
  • Thrivent Choice
    CALLING ALL THRIVENT MEMBERS Did you know that Thrivent Financial for Lutheran members have an opportunity to designate Choice dollars from Thrivent to go to the school or church of your choice?? There is NO cost to you.  This is one of the benefits which you are entitled to as a member.  Please consider reaching out to your Thrivent representative or going online to to find out how easy it is to assist our school through your designation.